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Monument Hockey Academy is Now 365 Performance Hockey Academy

By 365 Performance , 02/28/21, 6:30PM MST


We are excited to announce the rebranding of Monument Hockey Academy into 365 Performance Hockey Academy. Although the new academy will operate like MHA Summer School, we are offering even more opportunities for our athletes to grow and develop both mentally and physically. The program will focus on quality reps to build micro skills on the ice. The off-ice training with 365 Performance to build strength, stamina, and speed. We will also teach proper recovery practices including mobility and flexibility.

We have partnered with Hudl, Power Edge Pro, Summit Nutrition and Elite Edge to give our athletes the best opportunity to excel in every aspect of their lives. Hudl provides video review and performance analysis tools for our athletes. This will allow for us to go back and analyze the mechanics of every movement an athlete makes on the ice. Power Edge Pro utilizes Reactive Countering Training™ (R.C.T.) to engage multiple motor skills simultaneously and develop a player's small area game. Summit Nutrition gives us a qualified nutritionist on our side and will give each athlete a customized nutrition plan to support their training schedule and maximize their performance on and off the ice. Lastly, having Elite Edge training on our side will help our athletes with their vision training to improve their visual awareness on the ice.

365 Performance Hockey Academy is all about shaping the whole athlete, therefore we are excited to have the opportunity this summer to allow for the athletes to get out into the community and give back. Here, we will be focusing on character development and an attitude of gratitude. They will be working on community service projects, and volunteering with local organizations. We are currently in the middle of renovating our study room to allow for the best opportunity for our athletes to have a quiet space to study and excel academically as well as athletically.

If you want to hear more about it, please join our program directors Monday March 1st at 6pm using this link: